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Future Training Centres

VBC’s mission is to equip churches to train the next generation of Everyday Christian Leaders.

Map marker - your church could be our next training centre

If you are interested in training everyday Christians at a VBC campus running at your church, please fill in the form below. To find out more about what is involved in setting up or running a VBC training centre please contact the VBC Principal, Andrew Beddoe

New Centre - Expression of Interest

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Main Contact
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Why would your Church/Ministry like to start a Campus of Vocational Bible College?
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Which qualifications would you like to deliver at your location?
What do you expect will be the outcomes of running Vocational Bible College training in your local area?
Do you plan to partner with other churches in the local area to provide Vocational Bible College training to their members? If so, please name the church(es) and what their involvement might be e.g. providing a trainer, trainees, trainee positions, facilities, financial support or something else?
Where do you plan to deliver VBC training?
Do you have someone to deliver the qualifications? What experience and qualifications does this person currently have?
Please comment on how well the Vocational Bible College doctrinal statement describes the core convictions of your Church.