Andrew with eleven smiling students from a variety of cultural and educational backgrounds

The Intermediate Biblical Studies and Ministry Certificate is stage 2 of VBC training and takes one year to complete when enrolled as a full time learner. This course is designed for those who are beginning to take responsibility for leading others in ministry. You will dig deeper into God’s word and learn skills to preach and lead others. The Intermediate Certificate has been developed at Diploma level.

There are 10 subjects in this course. Subjects typically run over 19 weeks and require approximately 3 hours a week to complete training activities. 1.5 hours will be spent in a small group discussion and another 1.5 hours doing readings, ministry activities and assessments.

The Intermediate Certificate will prepare you for the following sorts of ministry roles:

  • Chaplin

  • Sunday School Coordinator

  • Youth Coordinator

  • Missionary


There are 10 subjects in this course:

  • Learning from the Reformation

  • Reading the Prophets (Former and Latter Prophets)

  • Knowing God and His World

  • Reading Romans

  • Applying God’s Word to everyday life

  • Preaching God’s Word

  • Sharing Jesus with the People of the World

  • Christian Leadership

  • Learning the art of Caring

  • Co-ordinating a Ministry Team

Preferred Entry Requirements

We prefer our learners to have the following experience/education prior to enrolling in this qualification:

  • Committed member in their local church

  • Completed Introduction to Biblical Studies and Ministry or equivalent

Ministry Placement

To successfully undertake this course, learners will need to have access to a suitable workplace where they can perform roles such as:

  • Leaders and lay assistants in parishes in the areas of ministry and pastoral care

  • Volunteer or paid pastoral positions

  • Youth or Sunday School leaders

  • Women’s or Men’s ministry leaders

This work requirement is necessary so that the learner can fulfill the Ministry Placement requirements of the program.


$200 per subject or as negotiated with your church. This includes the set text and all other learning materials.

Additional Information

Additional information about each of the above subjects can be found in the Biblical Studies and Ministry Courses Booklet. The booklet also contains important information about VBC policies including privacy, grievances and disputes, exemptions and support services.