One of our students reading the Bible with her friendly mentor

Introduction to Biblical Studies and Ministry has been designed to equip Christians to read the Bible for themselves, grow in godliness and help others follow Jesus. Some subjects will help you deepen your understanding of God, His Word and His World, others will equip you with skills to teach God’s Word to others.

There are 9 subjects in this course. Subjects typically run over 19 weeks and require approximately 3 hours a week to complete training activities. 1.5 hours will be spent in a small group discussion and another 1.5 hours doing readings, ministry activities and assessments.

Attaining the Introduction to Biblical Studies and Ministry Certificate is one pre-requisite to entering our Intermediate Biblical Studies and Ministry Certificate.


  1. Seeing Jesus in the whole Bible

  2. Talking to others about Jesus

  3. Reading Mark’s Gospel

  4. Growing new Christians

  5. Reading the Law (Genesis - Deuteronomy)

  6. Goals, priorities and looking after yourself

  7. God’s plan for Family

  8. Leading a Growth Group

  9. Learning from the Early Church


$200 per subject or as negotiated with your church. This includes the set text and all other learning materials.

Additional Information

Additional information about each of the above subjects can be found in the Biblical Studies and Ministry Courses Booklet. The booklet also contains important information about VBC policies including privacy, grievances and disputes, exemptions and support services.